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Rules adopted at the general meeting on 13th June 2022.
Last update made on 21st December 2023.

1: General rules of SancyFur, the furry Auvergnate association organizing the CanthroFur

  • 1.1: Obligation of members
    All members of the SancyFur association are requested to respect the facilities and equipment made available to them, to respect the status and internal regulations of the association and the other institutions attended during the various activities offered on site during the events.

  • 1.2: Sanctions
    In case of non-compliance to the present rules set by SancyFur or other institutions during the various activities, the non-compliant member will be submitted to a board of directors to rule on a sanction, up to a permanent banishment of the member depending on the gravity of the offence caused. In the case of non-respect of these rules resulting in a ban, no refund will be made: neither the price of the entry ticket nor the hotel.

  • 1.3: Respect the others
    Comments inciting discrimination, harassment, violence for whatever reason, whether it be form, appearance, religion, gender, age, sexual orientation and identity, or nationality are strictly forbidden according to Article 225-1 of the French penal code. Harassment, whether physical, moral, cyber or criminal, constitutes an offence according to Article 222-33-2-2 of the French Penal Code. Its violation can lead to legal proceedings.

  • 1.4: Dress code You must be properly dressed to attend the events. Anything that might be assimilated to collars with leashes, chokers, spike collars, spike bracelets, bracelets with D-Rings, handcuffs, harnesses (except for fursuit costumes), tight-fitting outfits that strongly suggest intimate parts (spandex, lycra, latex) and nudity (partial or total) are forbidden. Please ask the organizers if you have any doubt. In case of non-compliance, we reserve the right to refuse your outfit and/or to ask you to change. We will apply a sanction in case of reoccurrence.

  • 1.5: Diffusion of inappropriate content The display of any sort of adult content (NSFW drawings, clothing with NSFW slogan or image, NSFW door sign, …) is forbidden during the events. All fetish equipment (pup play, age play, BDSM, rubber, latex, vinyl costumes, …) are also forbidden in the spaces and places of the convention. Aside from subtle display of affection, strong affective or sexual behavior is prohibited in public places.

  • 1.6: Illegal products, drugs and narcotics Any sort of drugs, narcotics, illicit materials and dangerous objects (sale, offer, consumption) are strictly forbidden by French law and may result in banishment and reporting to law enforcement agencies in accordance with the following articles: art. L. 3421-1 of the public health code and art. 222-37 of the French penal code.

  • 1.7: Respect of the place and the premises Respect the green spaces (they are neither garbage cans nor open ashtrays!). Litter must be placed in garbage bags or containers provided for this purpose. This also applies inside the frequented establishments.

  • 1.8: Lost or abandoned objects All abandoned objects will be sent to the lost and found service and kept for a maximum of 3 years. Please do not leave your belongings and luggage unattended. Any suspicious package or luggage left behind may result in the activation of the Vigipirate plan (police intervention and a bomb disposal team) by the hotel staff.

  • 1.9: Liability You are entirely responsible for any damage that you may cause to materials, goods, people and places (hotel, ski resort, coach, …). In case of damage, the concerned establishments and entities may charge you for the damage caused.

  • 1.10: Access to the convention area Access to the space used by SancyFur for the convention is strictly reserved for participants with valid badge and authorized personnel. You may be required to show your badges to SancyFur staff to gain access to the activities at any time. It is strictly forbidden to hide or alter information on the badge.

  • 1.11: Respect of instructions You must comply with the instructions given by the staff in authority during the event, whether it is SancyFur, the hotel, the ski resort or security. This applies at all times, whether at the hotel or at the ski resort or during transport between the hotel and the resort.

  • 1.12: Exclusion for reprehensible acts according to the law
    The SancyFur association reserves the right to immediately and permanently exclude any member or participant in the CanthroFur event who is guilty of reprehensible acts according to French law. This includes, but is not limited to, acts of violence, theft, fraud, discrimination, harassment, or any other criminal offence. Cases will be assessed by the Association's Board of Directors, and exclusion may be imposed even in the absence of a judicial conviction, on the basis of sufficient evidence of the commission of the reprehensible act. Decisions to exclude will be taken with due regard for the rights of the person concerned and in accordance with the Association's internal procedures. Any person excluded on these grounds will not be entitled to any reimbursement of expenses incurred for the event.

2: SancyFur association registration rules

  • 2.1: Terms of participation To participate in the CanthroFur furry meeting, you must be at least 18 years old on the first day of the event; no exception will be granted. You must also be able to present your identity via a valid ID in order to get your badge. Accepted identification documents are: national identity card (European), driving license (European), passport (international).

  • 2.2: Access to the event and activities To be able to participate and have access to the different activities and to the outing at the ski station you must be registered and have paid the total amount of the registration, this includes the price of the participation and the subscription to the association. It may also include, depending on the options, the hotel nights. No payment of registration fees will be possible on site, the official ticketing service is the only way to access the event.

  • 2.3: Registration proof The badge provided by the association SancyFur is your only registration proof once the event begins. It is valid for one edition and for one person only. Each badge is individual and cannot be lent or shared. In case of loss or theft it must be reported as soon as possible to an organizer, or to the staff office located in the hotel or in the ski resort

  • 2.4: Visibility of the badge Your badge must be visible at all times and presented and/or given to a member of staff at each request and during any access control operation to the activities and areas reserved for the event. They may also be requested by hotel or ski resort staff or convention bus drivers, for example for possible discounts when renting skis or purchasing lift passes.

  • 2.5: Badges alteration and necklaces It is strictly forbidden to modify, alter or hide the information on your badge. It is also forbidden to wear a necklace with a color similar to that of the staff (staff red, safety yellow).

3: Rules for the hotel and the ski station, premises being used by SancyFur

  • 3.1: Respect for the premises and its occupants Do not be too noisy in the corridors, night areas and rooms of the hotel to avoid disturbing people resting. In case of problems caused by noisy room parties, the hotel and SancyFur can intervene and lead to sanctions, which can lead to eviction in the most serious cases.

  • 3.2: Respect of the number of occupants in the room The number of people sleeping in the rooms must be respected. Sanction will be applied in case of undeclared residents in a room of the hotel, not having announced himself and not having paid the price differences to the reception of the hotel. A ban will be applied to all the occupants of the room without exception. Possible sanctions taken by the hotel may also be added.
    For 'early arrival' options, please note that it is imperative that rooms booked with this option are fully occupied by people also arriving on 'early arrival' or who have at least booked this option. We do not allow the rental of partially occupied rooms with this option. Your understanding and cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

  • 3.3: Recovery and return of rooms Rooms are guaranteed to be available from 3:00 pm on arrival and must be vacated before 12:00 am on the morning of your departure date. Rooms must be returned in an acceptable condition according to the hotel's standards. The hotel may claim financial compensation from the occupants of the room if the intervention of a specialized team is necessary to restore the room.

  • 3.4: Parking The hotel or SancyFur cannot be held responsible for theft or damage to vehicles parked in the parking lot. You must respect the parking spaces and traffic lanes as well as any indication of full parking. It will not be possible to reserve the hotel's parking spaces in advance. However, you can park in a parking lot near the hotel if the parking lot is full. Hotel parking spaces are subject to an additional charge to be paid on site (see terms and conditions).

  • 3.5: Elevator safety Do not damage the elevators; they are robust machines but they do have their limits. Please respect the maximum weight and number of people indicated in the elevators. Please also give priority in the elevators to people with reduced mobility and then to the fursuiters. Only residents of the hotel can access the room floors, using their magnetic card. Whenever possible, feel free to use the stairs provided in the hotel. This will save the elevator and prevent possible breakdowns.

  • 3.6: Site security and prevention 3.6-1: Evacuations and fire. For safety reasons, it is forbidden to obstruct the emergency exits, to block any door and to move the fire extinguishers or to make them inaccessible. Flammable gases may not be used for any reason and must be kept away from any source of heat. 3.6-2: Moving around the hotel. It is forbidden to use motorized or non-motorized vehicles (gyro skates, gyropods, gyro wheels, scooters, etc.) in the hotel. 3.6-3: The use of firecrackers and any other pyrotechnic accessories is forbidden.

  • 3.7: Weapons within the convention It is forbidden to bring and carry weapons at any time. All facsimiles and replicas brought into the hotel must be validated by the Safety Team immediately after your arrival before being used. It will receive a colored marking given by the SancyFur team that must remain visible at all times.

  • 3.8: Ski lifts and ski pass It is strictly forbidden to use the ski lifts without skis, but also to walk up the ski runs. To use the ski lifts, you must have a ski pass purchased at the station's ticket office.

  • 3.9: Ski equipment All equipment rented will be under your own responsibility. In order to have access to the ski rental, the store will ask you for an ID. You can also bring your own ski equipment.

  • 3.10: On the ski slopes Please be careful of the other skiers, do not cross the slopes without paying attention and look upstream of the slopes. Think of the fursuiters who do not have a very good vision, do not hesitate to help them to cross a track. It is forbidden to overtake, to push the users or to damage the equipment of the ski resort.

  • 3.11: Coaches between the hotel and the resort Inside the coaches reserved for the convention it is forbidden to drink, eat, smoke and vapour or to behave in any way that could disturb the driver.

4: Fursuit lounge and equipment

  • 4.1: Video and sound media equipment The use of the projection and sound equipment is reserved only to the authorized persons. It is forbidden to go to the control room without prior authorization, or in fursuit.

  • 4.2: Equipment of the hotel, the association and its service providers The SancyFur rents rooms with equipment from its partners. This equipment is made available and must not be moved or damaged. Any damage to equipment belonging to the hotel, the SancyFur association or its various service providers may result in permanent exclusion and invoicing for the damage caused.

  • 4.3: Access to the fursuit lounge Access to the fursuit lounge is reserved for fursuiters and their accompanying helper. You may be asked to show your badge with the "Fursuiter" mention. It is requested that you respect the opening and closing hours of the fursuit lounge, and to free it and recover your belongings before the final closing at the end of the convention. All abandoned objects will be transmitted to the lost and found service.

  • 4.4: Responsibility for your belongings We do not take any responsibility for the objects you leave in the lounge despite our vigilance. Any item belonging to you is your sole responsibility. We advise you not to leave your belongings in the lounge.

  • 4.5: Occupation of the fursuit lounge The fursuit lounge is not a storage space. It is strongly recommended that you do not leave your fursuits in the fursuit lounge all day long. There might be many fursuits to dry at some time, so please take them out as quickly as possible.

  • 4.6: Photos are forbidden in the fursuit lounge It is forbidden to take pictures and videos in the fursuit lounge.

  • 4.7: Food and drinks in the fursuit lounge Only food and drinks provided by SancyFur are allowed in the fursuit lounge. In case of questions about potential allergies, please refer to the staff. The food and drinks provided are exclusively reserved for fursuiters.

5: Image rights, taking of pictures or videos

  • 5.1: Media use By participating in the event, you authorize the SancyFur association to use, reproduce and communicate to the public the photos and videos taken during the event. SancyFurs expressly forbids the use of the photographs in any way that might infringe on privacy or reputation, and the use of the various media in any pornographic, racist, xenophobic or any other prejudicial way. Any media publication of photos, videos, texts and other media, cannot be made without prior authorization. You have of course the right to use your own photos and videos for private and non-commercial purposes.

  • 5.2: Right to use the media Videos and photos can be used by the official team, but will not lead to any remuneration or compensation for their exploitation. By registering, you agree that your image may appear during all public activities, without any possible reservation. We are not responsible for your appearance on videos or images taken by anyone outside the team. It is up to you to be careful and to warn the videographer or photographer in question.

  • 5.3: Fursuiters on the media Except in case of medical emergency, in the Fursuit lounge or at the request of the staff, fursuiters are asked to keep the head of their costume during the group photos, and to avoid removing it in public place. In case of photo taken by participants with a headless fursuiter, it is requested not to publish it on social networks and not to share it with the general public without prior authorization from the person concerned.

  • 5.4: Media shooting in public If you wish to take photos or videos in the public areas of the hotel, please make sure that no staff members or guests outside of the hotel are in your shots/videos to avoid any complications regarding image rights. If necessary, make sure to obtain the necessary authorizations.

  • 5.5: Duration of the authorization The duration of the authorization of the images and videos taken during the convention is unlimited. We reserve the right to use and publish on social networks of the convention and website without time limit.

By registering, the participant in the CanthroFur (event organized by SancyFur) accepts and acknowledges having read these rules in its entirety.

To be able to collect their badge and participate in the event, the participant must put their initials on the document and sign the entire regulation, the release of responsibility and the temporary membership form to the association.

You will be asked for a valid ID (which can be any of the following official documents: national ID, driver's license or passport) to be able to pick up your badge which serves as proof of registration during the event. If your ID card is not in the same name as your registration, you will not be able to pick up your badge. In case of a name change, due to marriage or any personal action, please inform the staff before the event and present a copy of the complete birth certificate followed by a copy of the letter of declaration of name change or a complete copy of the marriage certificate. These documents must be less than 3 months old.