Dealers' Den application

Presentation of the panel

Are you an artist interested in taking part in the event? We are offering a dedicated sales event as part of the convention.


Registration for the Dealers' Den begins on 1st June 2024 from 8pm.
You can register directly on the CanthroFur website from registration module.


How do I register?

When registering you will need to provide the following information:

  • your identity document number (date and issuing authority)
  • if you are registered: company name, address, SIRET/SIREN number
  • if you are not: a declaration on your honour

Feel free to add photos of your work and your stand.

What happens after registration?

We are offering a total of 19 tables to artists (in the same building as last year: the "Blanche" room).

Artists taking part in the conbook will be favoured thanks to their voluntary participation.

Once your application has been validated by the staff, you will be automatically registered for the convention.
You will then be able to pay for your participation in the same way as any other participant: price information

You can work in pairs per table at the Dealers Den, simply specify this when you register.

I would like to be accompanied

If you wish to be accompanied, this person will have to register from 8 June at 8pm, like regular participants.

Logistics and placement

Setting up at the panel

As with all panels, we offer a time before opening hours for you to set up and organise your stand and goods in the hall.

Tables will be set up in the hall in advance.

For information, the dimensions of the tables are as follows: 1.80 x 0.80 m

How do I specify my stand location?

Once your application has been validated, the staff team will contact the artists to organise the layout of the stands. You can specify your requirements at that time.

The floor plan will be communicated a little later.


This year, we are asking for a deposit for participation in the Dealers' Den.
This is a deposit of 30 euros to be paid once you have been validated on the site by the staff team.

What is it?

This is a sum paid before taking part in the Dealers' Den. After the event, this sum will be returned to each artist taking part in the panel.

In the event of withdrawal after validation, no refund will be made.

How do I pay the deposit?

The deposit of 30 euros must be paid directly on the CanthroFur website.